Gujarat: Depressed online rummy-addicted youth takes harsh step

Reports of a person committing suicide due to losing money on online rummy in a colony near Bakarol Railway Station in Panchmahal Kalol are now surfacing. The person was identified as Vinodbhai Shankarbhai Parghi.

When police came to know about the incident, they immediately rushed to the spot. At the place where incident took place, Parghi had left a suicide note. The man addressed his uncle in the note while citing the reasons why he took the harsh step. He revealed that he had lost Rs 3 lakh while playing online rummy.

Due to this, he was suffering from severe depression and was confused what to do. At the end, Parghi decided to take a toll on his own life. The entire family of the person was heartbroken when they got to know about the news.

Further reports from Connect Gujarat revealed that Parghi came from Madhya Pradesh to Gujarat in order to work as a daily wage labour. He and his friends were living in the vicinity of railway colony inside temporary shelters. All of them were working at an over-bridge construction site.

Negative effects of online rummy addiction continue
Countless suchlike cases have previously surfaced with reasons for taking harsh steps. Reports of people spending their whole savings to play online rummy have surface time and time again.

People should be extra-cautious and must put a limit on playing rummy, else they may get addicted. Online rummy and gaming companies also advertise in a way of giving people dreams of winnings lakhs. However, it is up to users’ sole discretion that they play with due diligence.

Many of the state governments have asked for a ban on online rummy. Tamil Nadu has already banned all forms of online rummy bo that have any form of wagering. In many parts, mental health counselling sessions are also being provided to online rummy addicts.

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